The soul of Luxury is Freedom; The ability to live according to one's own design.

The Luxury book

The Shacaro Luxury Book is a beautiful voyage; through pages of astonishing fashion editorials and fashion films that showcase independent and emerging high luxury brands... from a uniquely cultural narrative.

This is luxury without borders. Each issue of the Shacaro seeks out dynamic locations, familiar and unfamiliar, to be the stage of our editorial sagas.

We aim to introduce you to a new world of Legendary Living.

the swim book

The Shacaro Swim Book is our resort companion to the Shacaro Luxury Book. Published annually, The Swim Book, is all about the eternal summer. 

Our Swim Book never leaves the summer. Join us as we travel the world seeking sun drenched destinations showcased in awe-inspiring editorials and films.

This is your destination for emerging luxury swimwear and resort-wear fashions, vehicles and nautical chariots of the summer, and destinations where the sun calls home.



The Shacaro Luxury Book and The Shacaro Swim Book are autonomous publications that create a visual platform for independent and emerging luxury brands.

Live legendary

Emerging luxury markets in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Central & South America have expanded the traditional views and customs associated with luxury. The Shacaro Group will be the window into this new culture of international apex living.


Where to find us:

The Shacaro Luxury Book and Swim Book will be available in print on news stands in select markets internationally and directly via our website. Both publications will be available in digital format.